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A WIP short story

This a short story I’ve been writing. I started this years ago but stopped. Today I continue :D

 The clash of metal echoed in the stone temple as the two shadowy figures continued their epic battle. The woman’s golden white hair was stained with her blood, sticking to her skin as it gleamed in the moonlight. Her bright blue eyes stared into her opponents steel gray eyes and chilled her to the bone. When her opponent came into the moon light, her enemies face illuminated. His hair too was stained with his blood, his yukata hung from his arms, exposing his bare chest. Both were badly hurt from one another, however they kept attacking with fury. Her larger sword looked as though it would cut his thin katana in half, but his steel was strong. He kept blocking her attacks with great speed and strength, pushing her back against the wall with his strike. “Give up.”

 She snarled at him, taking short breaths as her foot pushed her body away from the wall, her eyes locked on his. “I’m protecting my people.” In the distance she heard an explosion, the ball of flame glowed in the dark night with a bright red glow. She was distracted, turning her head to the window as she saw the castle of her family and her people being invaded by the enemy forces, his forces. The male took this opportunity to attack as he raised his katana to try and pierce her chest. She quickly caught sight of his steel and countered his strike, pushing her shoulder into his to push him toward the center of the room again. She closed her eyes, opening her hand towards him before a ball of fire formed in her palm. The man’s eyes widened, moving out of the way just in time before she threw the ball of fire towards him, only igniting the ends of his robes.

 The two stopped sparring, both exhausted from the immense fight. The glowing fire was now more vivid, getting bigger with each wave of soldiers invading the castle. “You’re a monster.” She hissed, her lip quivering, hearing the screams of her people.

 He, on the other hand, smiled at the comment. He bowed his head, eyes locked on her before lunging forward, his sword positioned to run her through. She deflected his strike and started the battle again. The katana wielding man raised his hand up as soon as he pushed her away from him, a dark energy beam came from his hand and right towards her. She rolled out of the way but only to roll right into another beam he shot at her. She gasped as the burst forced her body to land on the cold marble, landing on her stomach. Within seconds, he rushed over to where she was, taking hold of her collar of her dress to pull her up. His hand pressed against her back, smiling wickedly before shooting a deadly beam on her back. Once he was done, his hand released her and let her fall on the floor, watching as she gasped for air as blood rushed from her back.

 Her eyes widened. She felt the cold touch of death nearing, beginning to shake from a mixture of fear and pain. Her mind raced, gasping for air as she tried to push herself up only to roll herself on her back. She looked up at him, gripping her sword tightly as she felt the rush of failure coming over her.

“You should have joined me, Aonani. We could have ruled this land together.” He turned his back, putting his sword back into his sheath to look up at the moon. “Now, I will spread across the land. No one can stop me no-”

 A large blade entered his abdomen; his scream filled the room as he looked back at Aonani. She was on one knee, pushing the blade in deeper. “You’re not g-going anywhere…” A single tear ran down her dark skin, closing her eyes as she knew what she was about to do. “I’m sorry.” Her eyes opened wide, no longer a blue but a bright white. As he reached for his sword, her sword started to glow as well. When she pulled out her sword, his wound started to fill up with a white marble, engulfing his body.

 “Aonani!” He screamed before the marble covered his face, binding him in the stone. She slowly fell the floor, softly crying as she let her sword fall at her side. The room started to fade, her eyes started to fall shut forever. She heard someone heading towards her, the footsteps coming closer to her body. The last thing she saw was the stone statue, her heart breaking as she slowly went into the darkness.

 Eliane shot up from her bed and gripped her chest, gripping her raggy shirt tight. Her eyes scanned the dilapidated room, nothing similar to the white marble walls. Slowly her heart started to calm down, her sweat dripping down her dark soot covered skin made her blue eyes stand out even more. “Not again…” The dream had been recurring for months now, only recently had it been this cohesive. 

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Pre painted hand of the king pin I made with primo sculpey. I’m shocked how bendable it is. I need some firmer clay next time. But it will do! #gameofthrones #handoftheking #sculpey #clay #polymerclay #diy #firsttry

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#skyrim #dragon #priest #mask #dragonpriest #dragonpriestmask #elderscroll #eso #diy #sculpey #clay #practicemakesperfect so my second attempt of the dragon priest mask and I have to say I am liking this one much better.

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It is done! #skyrim #elderscroll #theelderscrolls #mage #eso #dragon #priest #dragonpriest #dragonpriestmask #prop #sculpey

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Base coat is done! HORRAY!!!! #skyrim #dragonpriestmask #prop #sculpey #elderscroll

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#dragonpriestmask #skyrim #theelderscrolls #elderscroll my mask so far

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Part 1: prepping the mask base.

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Intro video to my Dragon priest mask project.

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My random 20/10 I did this morning. New apartment, new work space, new mess. After I did those orders, I needed to clean up a bit. Thanks UFyH!!